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Listing types:
  • Basic - Free link to your site, everyone gets one.
  • Link - Link with graphics, formatting, etc. Nice color listing.
  • Message Pads - Single-forum bulletin board, good for small teams
  • Full, moderated forums - phpBB Awesomeness!

Team Leaders - Create a logo, jpg or png, and attach it to a PM to Ed Moran (edmoran)

We're in smoldering beta - so if you have any ideas for a cool, new feature open a thread on the forum. Thanks!

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    Add your team!

    This is a future team directory - message board. We provide a nice graphical ad for your team for recruitment, with a link or e-mail for the team. I fyou are looking for a message board to support your team and handle any inquiries, we can provide a simple single-thread subforum or a complete, custom-themed site.
    We have several directory listing types:

    Listing types:
    • Free - free link or e-mail
    • Full link - a link entry with full graphics
    • Message pad - single forum supporting several topics
    • Full site - complete with custom themes and templates

    Team Leaders - If you would like to be listed, sign up for an account and PM Ed Moran (edmoran) with your link. If you would like a logo, attach a graphic with a minimum dimension of 250px x 250px. Transparent backgrounds encouraged for other custom themes.

    We're in smoldering beta - so if you have any ideas for a cool new feature open a thread in the break room. Thanks!
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