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  • BOINC is 100% Volunteer
    Volunteer computing is a true grassroots venture, we are all crunching for science. Hosting is expensive and our budgets are tight, if you visit a site often and use them alot - leave off a donation. Thanks.
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  • The Link Cafe

    Welcome! We're a new Directory for BOINC - a one-stop site where newcomers can get started in volunteer computing. Listings of Projects, Websites.. and in the Team Listings, the option of a message board behind the team's entry. We are doing everything we can to be The Awesome Site for Volunteer Computing.

    We're open now! - a year later the styling is complete and the content and more advanced features are coming. The feature list is still open and we're looking for ideas.. what would you like to see?
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  • Listings
    New Listings - Corrections - Updates
    Add a new website or project? Update a listing? Questions about listing types, corrections and additions to the listings. Details on formatting and standards. Any errata, addenda or miscellania concerning the site's content.
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  • Dev Zone
    Developer's Forum
    Discussion about new features for the site and ideas about the marketing of boinc and volunteer computing in general.

    Experiment in our test thread - try out the editor features and our custom bbcodes.
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  •  Under Development

  • Registration - open
    Projects - open
    Teams - loading
    Websites - loading
    Portal - tbd

    - Registrations are open
    - Project listing is up to date
    - Adding team-website listings

    Welcome! We are open but half-complete, details in the forum. Thanks for visiting and enjoy the site!

  •  WCG Grid

  •  Natural Colors theme
  • #314159 - pi
    #271828 - e
    #160219 - electron charge
    #161635 - planck length
    #272548 - CMB temperature
    #602223 - avogadro's
    #662634 - planck's
    #901931 - electron mass
    #105434 - reduced planck's
    #299792 - speed of light
    #0C0 - carbon dioxide
    #bcd - binary coded decimal
    #ddd - delta-minus particle
    Additional themes are available under "User Control Panel - Board Preferences" Prosilver classic - Visio - Tropical Paradise

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  • Please feel free to link to boinc.link. Use the following HTML:

  •  Overheating!
  • Check for heat!

    CPUs and GPUs generate plenty of heat, so keep your fins and fans clean and clear.

    Tweek "% of the time"setting under Options/Computing Preferences to cool your core!

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  • Site clipart and icons are from the Nuvola icon set by David Vignoni, under LGPL 2.1, Many thanks! Boinc logo by Michal Krakowiak. The Forum is a phpBB3.2 with ne-blackgreen theme by nachtelb.de colorized by Far Upper Left. All copyrights belong to their respective owners, all rights are reserved.
    We try to be as accurate, complete and current as possible. Let us know if you have Corrections. If you would like to be listed, have your listing changed or removed, please contact Listings.