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    This is a brand new directory site for boinc - we're in the early stages of populating the listings. To add a new site or forum, leave a note in - new listings - forum

    We're adding team listings now, if you are a team leader click 'add a team' at the top of the 'teams' category.

    Join us in the Link Cafe and watch us as we get our site together!

    Registration - open
    Projects - open
    Teams - loading
    Message Boards - loading
    Portal - tbd

    - Registrations are open
    - Project listing is up to date
    - We're building team listings,
    - Editor css is wonky. sorry.

    Boinc.link will be continually updating over the next year while we build the teams and websites lists, the projects and forums are open and ready. Enjoy the site!

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  • #314159 - pi
    #271828 - e
    #160219 - electron charge
    #161635 - planck length
    #602223 - avogadro's number
    #662634 - planck's constant
    #901931 - electron mass
    #105434 - reduced planck's
    #299792 - speed of light
    #0C0 - carbon dioxide
    #bcd - binary coded decimal
    #ddd - delta-minus particle

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  • Site clipart and icons are from the Nuvola icon set by David Vignoni, under LGPL 2.1, Many thanks! Boinc logo by Michal Krakowiak. The Forum is a phpBB3.2 with ne-blackgreen theme by nachtelb.de colorized by Far Upper Left. All copyrights belong to their respective owners, all rights are reserved.
    We try to be as accurate, complete and current as possible. Let us know if you have Corrections. If you would like to be listed, have your listing changed or removed, please contact Listings.